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B.C. lottery winner's odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques | CTV News

With raised emotions and ravenous anger, she hurled the carefully sealed bag into the water and turned with welcomed relief. Just a only few weeks ago, she had received the life changing phone call, that had brought exhilarated joy. As she received her cheque with anticipated excitement, it was then that the disappointment and unwelcome changes to a once sheltered life began. Her phone rang constantly, like a warning siren, as the cold, self absorbed relations, who usually took months to make contact, suddenly flooded her life with an eager presence. She seemed the center of everybody's attention; something that had never happened previously within her bickering family. Aunt Jean, who had just only six months ago, refused to pay her back a long outstanding loan, now shrilled such deafening delight down the telephone, expressing how readily she was for a holiday. Her own mother, who had made a multitude of excuses to cancel Maeve's eager visits, now spoke of taking a trip with her somewhere, to further discuss how she would divide the money between everyone. Maeve slipped her weary head onto the cold, hard dining room table as she slowly began to sob. A pile of letters as high as the ceiling, stood towering over her; dominant and as bold as a fierce lion. The media frenzy had drawn various people from all corners of the country; to write various pleas for help. For the first time in her thirty year old existence, she felt afraid to be in her very own home. Privacy and anonymity was a distant faded memory, as the world hounded her relentlessly for daily for answers. The knock had arrived late one night. An eerie echo filled the humble, quaint cottage, as yet another violating rap on the tiny door, sent shivers down her spine. It was nearly midnight. Maeve lived alone. She knew it was a bad idea, but something compelled her to open the protective door. She had half assumed it was her mother, who had just recently hounded her with daily visits to the home, yet again, asking for money. Her mother had been complaining about her gas bill only hours earlier. She also wanted her hair styled at the expensive salon in the local town as well as a trip to the local Spa. Something had finally snapped inside of Maeve's injured soul; she felt pushed 1
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resident Harry Black. For more than 30 years, the 66-year-old film industry worker has been selecting the same numbers on his lottery tickets. Not that unusual in itself, perhaps. But Black doesnt buy just one ticket each week; he always buys two and uses the same numbers for each ticket. For years, Black says, he never won anything more than $10. But last month, his odd ticket-buying strategy paid off with a win in one of the biggest lottery jackpots in Canadian history. Black won a portion of last months $63-million Lotto 6/49 draw. The jackpot had four winning tickets: a Vancouver man had one of those tickets, while a winner in Calgary had another. Each collected cheques for $15.8 million. Black, though, had both of the other winning tickets. So on Tuesday, he collected two giant cheques, for a grand total of more than $31 who won the lottery this week rebelmouse million. If Black had bought just one ticket, the pot would have been split three ways and he would have won $21 million. But because he bought two tickets, he earned himself an extra $10 million. Its a dream scenario and one that's never happened in B.C. At a news conference in Vancouver where Black accepted his cheques, he was asked what he planned to do with the money and what new toys he wanted to buy. I already got enough toys, he quickly responded. I worked hard for them. Maybe, Ill have time to play with them. Before Black picked up the cheque, CTVs Mi-Jung Lee caught up with the new millionaire enjoying his last few moments of anonymity before telling the world of his giant jackpot. He said his first plan after collecting the winnings was to skip town. After this is done, Ive got to get out of Dodge and do something I've never done in my entire life: go on a holiday, he told her. Asked at the news conference where he planned to go, he responded, I have no idea. Maybe Ill just go to the airport and grab a ticket to the nearest flight out and go. Black explained he needed to disappear for a while to let it all sink in. You have no idea how much stress there is when you win on the lotto, he said. Black already works part-time, but says he doesnt plan to quit his job. He is hoping, though, to buy some land and build his dream house.
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